The table we gave you isn't the only kind out there. Instead of giving the probabilities to the right of the Z-scores, sometimes they'll give everything to the left. Or the area between 0 and Z. Even using a fancy graphing calculator won't save us from this confusion. So, cut through all that nonsense by always drawing lots of little graphs.
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    \(z = { {25-40}\over 10}\) → \(z = -1.5\) Using the Z-Score to Find Probability. The original problem was to find the probability of getting 25 or less. Now that the x-value has been standardized and plotted on a standard normal density curve, all that remains is to find the area to the left of z = -1.5. There are two ways to accomplish this.

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    Nov 06, 2014 · z Score - Distance along horizontal scale of the standard normal distribution; refer to the leftmost column and top row of Table A-2. Area - Region under the curve; refer to the values in the body of Table A-2. 5. The part of the z-score denoting hundredths is found across the top. Table A-2: Finding Probabilities with Excel:

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    Example: Find the area beyond Z ! Table A (back of your book, p. 530) can be used to find the area beyond the part of the curve cut off by the z-score ! Column C = probability associated with the area of the curve beyond z ! Column B = proportion of the curve between the z-score and the mean !

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