Engine oil pressure sensor. Ismael Monjaras. Blu EGR delta pressure mas only E-46 lt grn switched batt (+) E-61 E-39 lt grn intake manifold pressure sensor 1 wht inj common 1,2,3 -vnt 1 PIN no color E-40 - CAN2+ E-4 blk 2 E-62 wht vnt vpod...
  • 2273 EGR Valve Delta Pressure Sensor Circuit - Voltage Above Normal, or Shorted to High Source. 2274 EGR Valve Delta Pressure Sensor Circuit - Voltage Below Normal, or Shorted to Low Source. 2346 Turbocharger Turbine Inlet Temperature (Calculated - Data Valid but Above Normal Operational Range - Least Severe Leve

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    Jan 06, 2003 · EGR EGR exhaust gas recirculation EGRPS electric EGR position sensor EGR-SO exhaust gas recirculation shut-off EGRC exhaust gas recirculation control EGRSNS EGR sense (capability of EGR flow detection EGRT EGR temperature EGR-TVV exhaust gas recirculation thermal vacuum valve EGRV exhaust gas recirculation vent (solenoid)

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    The sensor converts the pressure into an analog signal, which is sent to the. 7 MERCURY (Cont'd) DELTA PRESSURE FEEDBACK EGR SENSORS Cougar L (L) 155" Marked With OE # F7UE-9J460AA, F7UZ-AA L (L) 155" Marked With OE # F77E-9J460AA, AB, F77Z-AA, AB L (L) 155"...

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    ITPM error: vehicle calibration is inconsistent ITPM error: drivetrain speed signal is inconsistent EVObus cruise control lever position not plausible Predictive Cruise Control Message Not Received Predictive Cruise Control Device Reporting Error GHG14 MCM2.1 Fault Codes SPN 51 51 51 51 51...

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